About Me


Hello everyone! My name is Gennie Mae Balanon, but I usually just go by Gennie. I am a recent graduate of Texas Woman’s University and received my Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with an EC-6 Generalist and ESL Certification. I had also attended Collin College in their Spring Creek Campus before coming to TWU, and had received my Associates of Arts degree there.

Why I became a Teacher:

My grandfather was a big inspiration for my decision to become a teacher. He is a wonderful person and an even greater teacher that loved his students, and was loved and respected by his students. I never had any first hand experience of his teaching, but I had met several of his students who have told me how great an impact he had on their life. He introduced me to the path of teaching, but I also realized that I enjoyed working with children and seeing the potential that they have.

I believe greatly in our future, but even more so to the idea that children are our future. I became a teacher in the hopes that I would be able to affect the children the same way I had been when I was in their shoes, and how my grandfather had affected his students. I hope to provide them with learning experiences that not only teaches them the knowledge they need to know, but to also instill a respect for learning and a curiosity that would carry them for the rest of their lives.